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Step-by-Step Guide:
Investment Tools

The News, Markets, and Industries sections of Investment Tools allows you to expand your investment research. Find out what the best company (or the worst one) is in each sector before you invest!

Guide to News, Markets, and Industries

News -- The news section features industry news by topic, updated minute by minute. Just follow the instructions below to get the latest news.

To get started:

  • Select Current News from the menu at the top of the Investment Tools screen.
  • Choose the Industry you are interested in. If you are not interested in a particular industry, do not make a selection.
  • Click on Go.
  • You should get a list of article headlines pertaining to the particular industry and/or topic you have chosen.
  • Select the headline in order to read the entire article.
Markets -- The markets section provides a quick overview of the five best performing, worst performing, and most actively traded stocks of the day. You can view the day's winners, losers, and most actively traded for the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, the American Stock Exchange, and the Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver Securities Exchanges.

To get started:

  • Click on Market Reports.
  • From the drop-down box, choose the exchange and either the volume actives, dollar gainers, dollar losers, percent gainers, or percent losers.
  • The site will automatically display the results, sorted and highlighted according to your selection.
  • Access the current quote for one of the stocks on the list by clicking on its ticker symbol.
Industries/Sectors -- The Sectors section allows you to check the performance of leading players in a multitude of industries.

To get started:

  • Click on Sectors
  • Choose the industry that interests you, and click on the link.
  • A list of the top companies in that industry will be presented, including what exchange each company is traded on and its current market price.
  • To display the company's current stock quote, click on the current market price.


Guide to News, Markets, and Industries

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