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Safe Money's Risk Ratings Are Unlike Any Ratings On Wall Street Today

Wall Street ratings are supposed to tell you which stocks to buy.

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Ours are designed to tell you which ones are too risky to buy or own ... and which ones are relatively safe. Rather than focusing on future performance, our analysis focuses on current risk. To our knowledge, no Wall Street firm provides this kind of a rating.

Wall Street asks the question: "Which stocks are bound to go up the most?"

We ask the question: "In an adverse market environment, which stocks are most likely to go down the most ... and which ones are most likely to hold up the best?" In other words: How risky is each stock?

Wall Street supposedly rates stocks by trying to divine future earnings. Our ratings are not based on forecasts. They are firmly rooted in the stock's actual volatility, its actual performance in previous market corrections and the company's current financial stability.

But the biggest difference between our ratings and Wall Street's can be summed up in one four-letter word: Bias. Wall Street's ratings are biased in favor of the companies they do business with. Ours are completely independent.

Some key points about our ratings approach:

  • No conflicts of interest.
    We do not accept — and never will accept — any compensation or remuneration of any kind from any company we rate.

  • Our stock risk ratings model is 100% based on actual information — no forecasts. We don't guess at future earnings or chart patterns. We're not interested in interpreting rumors or news items. We don't write canned research reports based on interviews with CEOs.

  • The Weiss stock risk ratings should not be confused with the Weiss safety ratings of banks and insurance companies. The key difference: The stock ratings tell you primarily about the risk of investing in the stock itself. The bank and insurance ratings are an evaluation of the companies.

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    free stock risk ratings.

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