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Step-by-Step Guide:
Investment Tools

We've put together this handy guide to our Investment Tools section so that you can get started researching your investment prospects right away.

Guide to Stocks

Stock Quotes -- To get the current stock quote for a company, enter the symbol in the box and enter Go. The current stock quote will appear for the company you've selected, along with links for further information as listed below.

Company News -- Select the Company News link on the quote screen and read recent news and press releases issued by the company you've chosen.

Stock Charts -- The charts function allows you to chart various stocks against each other, and against various markets. Here's how you can customize the chart:

Change the Chart Time Span. Choose any of the following:

  • Intraday
  • 3-Month (set as default)
  • 6-Month
  • 9-Month
  • 12-Month
Choose a market, if any, to compare against. Select any of several market indexes from the drop-down box, including:
  • NASDAQ - symbol COMP
  • NYSE - symbol NYSI
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average - symbol DJ_30
  • S&P; 500 - symbol SPX
  • AMEX - symbol XAX
    Note: You can also enter the symbol directly into the Tickers to Compare box.
Compare your stock against other stocks (or markets) and create a final graph.
  • Enter the symbol(s) into the Ticker to Compare box, separated by a comma and space.
  • Click on the Plot button to generate the graph.
    Note: If the chart appears blank, then one of the symbols was invalid, verify that you entered the correct symbol.

Intraday -- This option gives you business information about the company, including its primary business location, ticker symbol, and exchange.

Financials -- This option gives you a financial summary of the quoted company over the past three years.

Management Discussion -- This is the Management Discussion provided by the quoted company, and the last three discussions made public by the company. Note: To view previous Discussions, click on the date in the heading of the discussion.

SEC Filings -- This is a page with a listing of all SEC Filings made by the company within the last 4 years.

  • To view the report, click on its name.
  • To find out more about that kind of report, click on the question (?) mark.


Guide to Stocks

Guide to Mutual Funds

Guide to Portfolio

Guide to News, Markets, and Industries

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