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The Ultimate Safe Money Guide

Investigative journalist JACK ANDERSON calls him "GUTSY" and reports that his financial ratings are "THREE TIMES MORE ACCURATE" than anyone else in the business.



ESQUIRE noted that Dr. Weiss' firm is "The only company [that] provides financial grades free of any possible conflict of interest."

THE NEW YORK TIMES says he was "the first to see the dangers and say so unambiguously."

FORTUNE said he provides "The most comprehensive source" of information.

THE GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE of the US CONGRESS (GAO) heralded the fact that Weiss beat its closest competitor by a factor of 3 to 1 in forecasting future financial troubles.
BARRON'S agrees, saying the GAO report is a "glowing tribute to Weiss."

WORTH says, "Weiss' record... is so good compared with that of his competitors, nervous buyers need look no further."

"Congratulations on bringing out the Brutal Truth for all to see! Kudos and congratulations on a #1 instant national Best Seller! Well done and thanks again for doing what you do best!"
John & Julie Dyle

"My purpose... [is] to rave about the book, The Ultimate Safe Money Guide. This book is finally demythologizing the [wealth-building] process. I really appreciate it."
Linda Barclay

"Martin, I loved your new book. It is a wealth of information on topics I will need in every aspect of my life. Thanks ... and better start your sequel today!"
John Bright

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The Ultimate Safe Money Guide

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