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The New York Times Best-Seller That
Wall Street Does NOT Want You To Read!

From The Man Who Warned About Enron Months In Advance

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
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Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. The Ultimate Safe Money Guide
The Enron fiasco taught you that not all CEOs, brokers, stock analysts, bankers, and insurance executives are interested in making you richer. Many are interested only in making THEMSELVES richer. And if it means breaking you, that's just fine with them. Here's how you can turn the tables on them� take complete control of your financial affairs� and safely grow your wealth with utter confidence and safety � even in these tricky times!

Shady Wall Street brokers and analysts hate this book. Devious CEOs don't like it much either. But readers love it so much, they made it a New York Times best-seller within just days of its release!

Any one of Dr. Weiss' ingenious tips, tricks, and strategies can easily save you � or make you � hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in the year ahead:

The Ultimate Safe Money Guide3 Ways To Enron-Proof Your Stock Portfolio. Weiss nailed Enron with a "risky" rating months before it went under. Now, he gives the same rating to 1,104 other publicly traded companies. Make sure your 401(k) and your portfolio are protected from them! Find URGENT SELF-DEFENSE ...Page 4

The Ultimate Safe Money Guide4 Monumental Myths Wall Street NEEDS You To Buy, Hook, Line and Sinker: Why everything you think you know about prudent investing may well be WRONG. PLUS: How the truth behind these old wives' tales can set you free from major losses � even in down markets! ...Page 29

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideBig Brokers Are More Trust-Worthy Than Little Ones, Right? WRONG! SHOCKER: Massive conflicts of interest at huge, "well-respected" firms make their "research" and stock "ratings" worse than worthless. How to spot them a mile away, and where to get 100% unbiased information ...Page 33

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideInvestor Wins $400,000 From Notorious Stock Analyst: And how a recent complaint against one of the largest firms on Wall Street has opened the door for you to get your money back, too ...Page 38

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideHow To FORCE A Reluctant Broker To Pay Up In 30 Days Or Less: Hint � if he drags his feet, it will cost him his license � IF you do this ...Page 45
Amazing Value!
$1,920-Worth Of WEISS
Your Wealth SECURE!

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The Safest, Surest Ways To Preserve Your Wealth And Get It Growing Again — FAST!

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideCould These Ticking Time Bombs Explode At YOUR Bank? The secret reason why Bank of America, CitiBank, J.P. Morgan Chase, and other major banks are now vulnerable to a severe earnings decline. Very hush-hush! ...Page 52

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideHow To Always Have Your Money In The World's Best-Performing Funds: So easy, a child could do it � and it takes only 15 minutes per week! This proven mutual fund trading strategy could be handing you returns of up to 86% per year � even in volatile times like these! ...Page 83

The Ultimate Safe Money Guide7 Steps To Safer, More Profitable Stock Investing: Your guide to finding great stocks that can make you richer whether the market sinks or soars ...Page 96

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideGreat Mutual Funds That Help Insure Your Whole Portfolio Against Another Stock Crash: PLUS: Your simple 4-step strategy for hedging your stocks against loss ...Page 115

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideThe Ultimate In Stock "Crash Insurance" Pay a small, one-time premium, and this little known "insurance policy" protects your portfolio for up to 24 months ...Page 117

What Insurance Agents Won't Tell You

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideYou Only THINK Your Insurance Will Pay Off When You Need It! The scandalous con game insurers and ratings companies play on consumers � and how you can beat them at their own game ...Page 134
The Ultimate Safe Money GuideInsurance Policies Nearly Everyone Buys But You May Not Need: When and how to CANCEL policies that do nothing more than suck money out of your bank account ...Page 163

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideHow To Make Sure The Company Behind Your Annuity Doesn't Die Before You Do: Sage advice from America's #1 financial consumer advocate ...Page 188

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideThe Hidden Dangers of Tax-Exempt BONDS: How billions of dollars-worth of JUNK bonds are now rated "AAA" and sold to unsuspecting investors for top dollar! PLUS: Why it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out and millions of Americans get the shock of their lives! ...Page 194

... And That's Just For Starters!
You'll Also Discover:

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideWhy An HMO May Be The WORST Choice For Folks Over 65. PLUS an alternative your pocketbook will love! ...Page 212

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideLong-Term Care Savvy: 5 great alternatives to nursing home care... How to avoid long-term care rip-offs and save up to HALF on long-term care insurance... and MORE! ...Page 226

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideThe "Suddenly Single" Senior's Guide To Making GREAT Money Decisions: Your spouse's portfolio: What to keep, what to sell and what to do with the money... 5 crucial financial steps to take after a divorce... and MORE! ...Page 252

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideClick here for many MORE highlights!

The Ultimate Safe Money GuideThe Ultimate Safe Money Guide

And if all that isn't enough "bang for your buck", when you purchase your copy of THE ULTIMATE SAFE MONEY GUIDE, you'll also receive THE HIGHEST-RISK LARGE COMPANIES IN AMERICA — ABSOLUTELY FREE!

THE HIGHEST-RISK LARGE COMPANIES IN AMERICA Martin D. Weiss warned about Enron months in advance, and gave it a "D" rating. Now, hundreds of other large, publicly-traded companies get Weiss' "D" rating or worse. This entire list is yours FREE, when you purchase your copy of THE ULTIMATE SAFE MONEY GUIDE.

To order your copy of THE ULTIMATE SAFE MONEY GUIDE for only $24.95 (shipping & handling included — Florida residents will be charged 6 percent sales tax) AND receive your FREE copy of THE HIGHEST-RISK LARGE COMPANIES IN AMERICA, Click Here. Or, for faster service, call us at 1-800-814-2451 Today!

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