The Great Money Panic!
Martin D. Weiss, PhD.
Editor, Safe Money Report

Today's grim economic and investment news is just the first rumbling of an emerging MONEY PANIC: A financial blitzkrieg that will lay waste to the US economy ... smash the S&P 500 to below 600 ... crush the Dow to below 5,000 ... and absolutely OBLITERATE the Nasdaq to below 800. This report will show you what you must do immediately to preserve your wealth...

WARNING: The ghosts of all the financial and economic crises you've ever experienced have returned to haunt us again!

Investors have been through a lot in recent years: the Tech Wreck of 2000 ... the Debt Disaster of 1998 ... and the Asian Crisis of 1997.

And, not long ago, investors were hit with the Energy Crisis of the 1970s ... the Real Estate Bust of 1974 ... the Bond Market Collapse of 1979-80 ... and the Banking/S&L Debacle of the 1980s.

Each one of these crises destroyed untold thousands of jobs. Each one gutted investor portfolios. And each one vaporized the prosperity, the financial security, and the retirement dreams of millions.

Now, with the US economy on the ropes and the stock market already in dire straits, these crises are once again rearing their ugly heads. Not just one or two of them - but ALL seven of these economic nightmares are rapidly converging upon the US economy.

In the next few months, they will simultaneously slam into Wall Street, triggering the bloodiest economic collapse and stock market crash since 1929.

I'm talking about the most severe economic upheaval of your lifetime -- a financial apocalypse that will slaughter hundreds of the world's oldest and wealthiest banks ... smash hundreds more international corporations and thousands of smaller companies to smithereens ... level the economies of Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Latin America, the European Common Market countries, and yes, even the United States ...

... and trigger the most cataclysmic destruction of personal wealth in our lifetimes -- driving the DOW to below 5000 ... the S&P 500 to below 600 ... and absolutely creaming the Nasdaq to below 800.

Major Companies Will Disappear In The Coming

When stocks crashed in 1929, major US corporations were cash rich and mostly debt free. But this time around, those same corporations have less than a dime in cash per dollar of current debts. And thousands of American businesses are floundering in an ocean of red ink. They now owe a record $4.7 trillion to banks, venture capitalists, bondholders, money funds and other institutions.

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