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Safe Money Report

Martin Weiss made more money for subscribers during the Crash of '87 than any other adviser, according to CTCR, an independent rating service. He has predicted nearly every major up and down move in interest rates since 1971, earning him Investors Digest's award for the best forecast. He has received accolades from the New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and even the US General Accounting Office (GAO).

In his monthly newsletter, the Safe Money Report, you will receive:

  • Weiss Risk Ratings
  • Specific strategies to cash in on the next market crash
  • Regular advice on how to dramatically increase your yield, with safety
  • The latest ratings on the strongest and weakest insurance companies, banks and brokers
  • Instructions on where and how to shop for the best mutual funds and annuities
  • Timely forecasts on the next major move in interest rates, the dollar and gold
  • Clear, unambiguous model portfolios telling you exactly what to buy and how much - to protect your principal while greatly increasing your returns
  • Regular portfolio updates of our favorite mining shares
  • The next big move in precious metals and how to profit from it
  • And much, much more!

According to the New York Times, "Weiss was the first to see the dangers and say so unambiguously." And in its study of the Weiss ratings, the GAO concluded that Weiss was consistently the first to warn consumers of vulnerable institutions that later failed. In today's volatile environment, you absolutely cannot afford to be without this kind of advice.

To take full advantage of Martin Weiss' unbeatable track record, start your subscription to Safe Money Report right away for $99 a year.


Save even more with a two-year subscription for only $189.

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