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At Safe Money Report, we guarantee our research and recommendations are completely objective and absolutely free of any possible conflict of interest ...

We don’t get paid by the companies we research or rate, and we absolutely refuse to accept gifts from them -- not so much as a complimentary ball-point pen or a free lunch. And if any of our employees do, they’re fired on the spot and escorted out the door.

Unlike the mainstream media and most newsletter writers, we do not accept advertising, period. Too many financial publications accept advertising fees from the very same companies they are recommending. That leads directly to a conflict of interest. Can you imagine a financial editor rating a company's shares as a "sell" when, at the same time, the publisher is accepting advertising fees from the company? Advertising leads to an automatic conflict of interest -- and you, the investor, always come out on the short end of the deal ... with tainted information that could cost you thousands.

We do not hold positions in any stock or investment we recommend. In fact, my staff and I have signed pledges never to buy stock in a company we’re recommending. At Weiss Research, violating that pledge gets you fired.

We don't accept one red cent from any mutual fund we recommend, any broker, any investment banker, or any company, period.

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