MARTIN D. WEISS, Ph.D. warned of the devastating stock market correction of 2000-2001 two-and-a-half months before it started -- and helped his clients to profits up to 929% as stocks crashed. Now, he issues the most startling alert of his 30-year career:

The Nasdaq
MUST Plunge
Another 83%
Unless you take action IMMEDIATELY, every investment in your portfolio is going to get crushed. The Nasdaq has already been smashed, down a WHOPPING 63%-PLUS in just 12 months. FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS -- nearly half the GDP of the United States -- has been obliterated, wiped off the face of the earth.

Even after being crushed by more than 60%, the average Nasdaq stock is still grossly overvalued, selling for 131 times earnings! That means you'd have to wait 131 years -- until the year 2132 -- before it earns its share price back!

Just a few years ago, the Nasdaq was selling for only 23 times earnings, a much more normal level. To get back to that norm, the Nasdaq will have to plunge another 83% from current levels! That means if you invest $100 in the Nasdaq today, you'll wind up with a meager $17 before it touches rock bottom.

And if you think blue chips are the answer, you're wrong again. Even the strongest companies in America - stocks you thought could NEVER get trashed -- will have to fall dramatically before any semblance of normalcy can be restored ...
  • Your GE stock will have to drop at least 40% ...
  • Your CISCO stock will have to tank at least another 30% ...
  • Your EXXON MOBIL stock will have to dive at least 40% ...
  • Your PFIZER stock will have to slide at least 30% ...
  • Your MICROSOFT stock will have to lose at least another 50% of its current value, and ...
  • Every stock market mutual fund you own will have to crash by anywhere from 30% (conservatively managed funds) to 80% or more (if they're still loaded with "emerging growth" stocks or tech stocks).

929% Profits While Stocks Crashed

Martin D. Weiss, PhD. I'm Martin Weiss, Ph.D., editor of the Safe Money Report. Ten weeks before the crash first began, I sent 1,560,000 investors a special report urging them to get the heck out of the stock market, and to rush out of tech stocks. I told them to expect the worst tech wreck of all time.

As a result, my clients didn't lose a penny. To the contrary: We earned profits of up to 929% DURING the greatest stock crash in Nasdaq history.

In fact, my subscribers and I have already used one market crisis after another to pile up money hand over fist. Example: When stocks crashed 40.7% in early 2000 -- we multiplied our money by 255.3% in ... 138.1% in I2 Technologies ... and 128.6% in Red Hat.

Stocks slid again last fall ... and we piled up 142.5% profits in MRV Commuications ... 177.9% profits in Juniper Networks, and 93.2% in PeopleSoft.

In early October, subscribers to my premium service picked up an incredible 929% profit -- this time with put options on a technology index. Every $10,000 you'd have sunk into those options would have grown into as much as $102,900. But it didn't stop there ...

When stocks dropped again in March 2001 ... we piled up 411.9% profits in S&P 100 puts ... 150% in Nasdaq 100-Share Index puts and 103.9% in Philadelphia Bank Index puts.

The point is simple: You don't have to lose 30%, 50%, or even 90% of your money on the turkeys Wall Street recommends. Wall Street is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! And as soon as you realize that, you can get RICH, RICH, RICH!

There's so much I can give you to help you both insulate your money and keep it growing in the months ahead. That's why I want to send you my new report, THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002.

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