Panic At The Fed!

The Coming Economic Terror Alan Greenspan Sees
— But Wall Street DOESN'T:

Without warning last January — Fed Chief Alan Greenspan
suddenly embarked upon the single most aggressive series of
interest rate cuts since the Great Depression.

Here's why it's too little, too late — and 8 reasons why...

  • The S&P 500 will crater to 500

  • The Dow Industrials could suffer up to 1,000-point-per day
    declines, ultimately sinking to 5000 or less, and...

  • The Nasdaq will be OBLITERATED — to 800!
What you must do BEFORE
SEPTEMBER 15, 2001 to avoid
devastating losses.

The investments that will help you
pile up more money in 2 years
than you earned in the last 10!

Unless you take action now — and I do mean NOW — your stocks, your mutual funds, your bonds, and even your IRA, Keogh, or 401(k) will get absolutely creamed in the next few months.

Look: When stocks got creamed by 20% on October 29, 1929, they wiped out $200 million of investors' wealth. But they did much more than that: The shockwaves created by Black Tuesday's debacle triggered a massive economic collapse — which, in turn, crushed stock prices in 1930 and 1931.

Together, these collapses destroyed $30 billion of investors' wealth and lit the fuse on the greatest economic catastrophe in U.S. history — a decade-long nightmare of soaring unemployment, business failures, home repossessions, soup kitchens, and bread lines we still remember as "The Great Depression."

Now in 2000-2001, stocks fell nearly three times farther than in 1929 — a staggering 60% — and wiped out over $5 TRILLION of investors' wealth!

And the spring rally barely made a dent in those losses.

Only an economic ignoramus would suggest that the U.S. economy can shrug off the losses as if they never happened!

...Especially since 7 MORE powerful "Crash Triggers" are now in place. Any one of them would ordinarily stomp stock prices flat. Combined, they make another great crash — the bloodiest stock market decline of our lifetimes — a locked-in inevitability, for the months ahead.

As soon as you realize
that Wall Street is
wrong, wrong, WRONG...
You’ll get rich, rich, RICH!

I want you to be one of the tiny handful of investors who sees this coming economic hurricane clearly...

Most importantly, I want to help you USE the next decline to actually pile up more money in the next 2 years than you did in the last 10!

We’ll get started now, in this report. I’ll give you irrefutable evidence that the greatest stock market crash of our lifetimes is now locked-in and inevitable. And I’ll introduce you to a handful of often-overlooked investments that soar in trying times like these.

Plus, I also want to send you a FREE copy of my complete report: QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002.

In that eye-opening document...

1) I give you scrupulously researched facts that prove you’re in for the most chilling ride of your investment lifetime, and

2) I give you proprietary strategies and investment vehicles that will insulate your money and bring you greater profits in the next 2 years than you earned in the last 10!

More on your FREE copy of THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002 in a moment. First, let’s look at seven more reasons why an even greater crash is locked in for the second half of 2001...and how it’s going to make us richer than Midas...

Crash Trigger #1:

U.S. stocks are STILL an obscenely
overvalued house of cards

After all the painful losses of the last year, you’d think Nasdaq stocks would be fairly valued.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Even after its 60% gutting, the average Nasdaq stock was still trading at 131 times earnings. That’s SIX times higher than the 23 times earnings that was the norm of just five years ago!

Just to get back to its historical norms, the Nasdaq will have to plunge ANOTHER 83% from current levels!

And that’s just the average. Many stocks are so overvalued, they’ll have to fall more than 95% before the market stabilizes.

Despite the Nasdaq’s record-shattering crash, Enzon, Inc., Willow Grove Bancorp., Inc., and Gyrodyne Co. of America are still selling for more than 400 times earnings. Protein Design Labs, BCSB Bancorp, Inc., and Echelon Corp are selling for more than 600 times earnings. And Symyx Tech Inc and Corr Therapeutics are going for more than 2,000 times earnings.

... And Celgene Corp is still selling at prices equal to 1,252 years of earnings!

Think about what that means: If you had bought a stock at 1,310 times earnings back in the 11th Century A.D. (when Jerusalem was besieged and recaptured by the Crusaders), you’d STILL have to wait another 310 years from today before its cumulative earnings would equal the price you paid!

Does that make any sense to you? Not to me!

Buying a stock like that is nothing short of idiotic. And as you’ll see, multiplying your money when the market crashes is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Think you’re safe in NYSE stocks? Think again!

For the past 100 years, the average fair market valuation for blue chips has been around 14 times earnings. To get back there, the Dow will have to fall 31% and the S&P 500 will have to plummet 60%!

...And many NYSE stocks will have to fall much, much farther:

Iron Mountain Inc and Fox Entertainment Group are now selling for more than 200 times earnings ... Oil-Dri Corp. of America and El Paso Energy are going for more than 600 times earnings!

As we’ve seen for many months now, the market hates those kinds of bloated P/Es. Inevitably, it will move to squash them — and sooner rather than later.

When it does, the blood will run in the streets — and our investments will double once, double twice, and double yet again!

Not even the bluest blue
chips will escape the
coming carnage!

Even the strongest companies in America — stocks you thought could NEVER get trashed — will have to fall dramatically before any semblance of normalcy can be restored...
  • Your GENERAL ELECTRIC stock will have to drop 40%...

  • Your CISCO stock will have to tank another 30%...

  • Your EXXON MOBIL stock will have to dive 40%...

  • Your PFIZER stock will have to slide 30%...

  • Your MICROSOFT stock will have to lose another 50% of its value, and...

  • Every equity fund you own will have to crash by anywhere from 30% (conservatively managed funds) to 80% or more (if they’re still loaded with “emerging growth” stocks or tech stocks).
And those are my most CONSERVATIVE estimates. If earnings continue to drop like they are now, you’re looking at a slaughter that could hammer these stocks down 60%, 70%, 90% or even more.

Why not take advantage of this unique
opportunity to multiply your money?

Take July 2000, for example, when I saw a tremendous imbalance taking shape in Amazon stock — and we earned a profit of 255% in just 84 days!

Or last October, when we used Oracle to sock away a 525% profit in just 34 days!

Or last November, when our investment in Hewlett Packard handed us a tidy 389% profit!

Or in the first week of April 2001, when we took 411% profits ... 103% profits ... 128% profits ... and 124% profits on 4 different trades, with put options (investments that surge in value as the market falls).

A fluke? Hardly! Not all trades are profitable. But I could give you 138 examples like these from the last 12 months alone!

Once you discover the strategies and investment vehicles I recommend in your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, you’ll see that doubling and re-doubling your money on losers like these can be easier than falling off a log.

Crash Trigger #2:

Consumer spending is cratering!

Let me make this crystal clear: If you continue investing like you have for the past 10 years, you might as well kiss your money good-bye right here and now.

I don’t care what anyone says:

You can NOT erase more than $5 trillion of invested wealth... make mincemeat of the savings and retirement nest eggs of millions of Americans ...and demolish the great “wealth effect” that has driven this economy for a decade... without doing extreme, irreparable damage to the economy!

You can NOT hammer individual stocks down 50%...75%...95% and more without crippling those companies’ ability to acquire other borrow...and even to survive!

More than 80% of all American households had money in stocks when they crashed last year. Even worse, more than half had their entire life savings in tech stocks!

Even after a temporary market rally, most of those people are half as rich as they were. And as the latest sales figures demonstrate, they’re already cutting back on spending.

That means far fewer homes, autos, appliances, computers and high-tech gadgets will be sold. Vacation plans will be cancelled. Purchases of all kinds will be delayed or cancelled altogether.

That further damages earnings...hammers stock prices AGAIN...and sets off the next wave of cuts in consumer spending.

Put simply, the stock crash has already knocked the stuffing out of the economy. The failing economy is going to drive stocks down further...and further declines in stocks are going to inflict even more damage on the economy...and so on, until we hit bottom.

You saw the headlines last Christmas: “Holiday season was a disaster for retailers.” They had to give away discounts of 50%...60%...70% and more just to lure consumers into their deserted stores — and wary consumers STILL kept their wallets closed!

But that was just the beginning!

The U.S. economy has just lost 223,200 jobs in one month — more than any month in the last decade.  The latest quarterly plunge in the profits of U.S. corporations was the worst since 1991.  The productivity of U.S. workers has fallen for the first time in six years. Rubbermaid, 3M, Honeywell, Kodak, Texas Instruments, Compaq, and a raft of others have just announced a whole new round of layoffs.

This is happening RIGHT NOW!

And making money on the stocks that will be hurt worst is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

...Like in January 2000, when I uncovered the fact that demand for computers and software was falling — and our contrarian investment in the CSFB Technology Index handed us 416% profits in less than 3 months.

...Or as in February 2000, when I first saw consumer sales weakening — and an investment in the S&P Retail Index netted us a quick 213% profit in just 57 days.

...Or as in March 2000, when computer sales were weakening further and our investment in the Philidelphia Semiconductor Index gave us a handsome 217% profit!

I’ll show you how we do it in your FREE copy of THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002!

Crash Trigger #3:

Savage stock market crashes are
ALWAYS followed by brutal recessions!

Once the stock market crashes, an economic catastrophe is as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise. Since the dawn of stock investing more than 350 years ago, every 50-plus-percent stock crash has been followed by a major recession or depression.

Any economist worth his salt should know that stock market debacles like we saw last year trigger recessions as surely as earthquakes trigger tidal waves. And they should also know that the Fed has cut interest rates in EVERY past recession, but that NEVER prevented those recessions from taking place!

What you’re about to see can only be described as a MONEY PANIC: The frantic, desperate dumping of stocks on a scale not seen since 1929...panic selling of real estate, corporate bonds, private businesses...wholesale dumping of anything with value...a nearly complete, unabashed, gutting of the U.S. economy.

Just knowing this in advance gives you a tremendous advantage over other investors. It means you can insulate your money now. And, more important, it means you have time to get in on the ground floor of investments that fit this environment hand-in-glove...

...And that soar 100%...300%...500%...up to 1,000% and more in times like these!

I’ll introduce you to all of them in your FREE copy of THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, including the investments we used to rack up gains of 416% last year.

Crash Trigger #4:

The avalanche of negative earnings
reports has already begun!

I’m not asking you to take anything on faith. You can see the warning signs all around you.

You’ve seen the constant stream of warnings, weak earnings reports, and downgrades this year.

It would be one thing if these were coming merely from dumb dot-coms or other companies with crazy business plans. But they’re not. Many of America’s greatest companies are now on the ropes.

In a single week earlier this year, earnings warnings were issued by Ameritrade...Anheuser-Busch...Marriott...Avon...Books-A-Million...H&R Block...Haggar Corp...Sotheby’s Holdings...Playtex Products...Huffy Corp...Kelly Services...and seven other major household name companies!

Major U.S. companies are reeling...

In the last few weeks, Union Pacific Railroad has suddenly laid off 20,000 employees. That’s not one or two thousand. It’s TWENTY thousand. General Motors is laying off 15,000 workers and closing its Oldsmobile division forever. Procter & Gamble is eliminating 9,600 jobs, a whopping 9% of its workforce. Minnesota Minning, Honeywell, Kodak, Texas Instruments, and Compaq have just announced huge layoffs.

And Montgomery Ward has gone belly-up: Ending 128 years of retailing history by closing its 250 stores. All of its 37,000 employees will be out of a job — on the streets.

These and many other household name companies have already taken big hits, and the Great Money Panic has barely started! Soon, one big company after another will follow Montgomery Ward into bankruptcy.

I can’t get into all the details in this short report, but in your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, I document four major and inevitable impacts declining earnings will have on your job or business and your investments in the months ahead — plus, how this advance knowledge can help you pile up an absolute fortune in 2001-2002.

The profits we’re already earning are nothing short of stunning.

In the last 12 months alone, we earned profits of 142.5% in options on MRV Communications...183.3% with Helix...196.3% with Lycos...200% with Applied Micro Circuits...a whopping 525% with Oracle...and much more!

Crash Trigger #5:

Hundreds of billions of dollars worth
of corporate debt is now going sour!

Right now, according to the Fed, U.S. businesses (excluding banks and other financial companies) are buried in more than $6.51 trillion in debt.

And get this: That debt grew nearly three times faster than the U.S. GDP — the combined value of all goods and services produced by the entire U.S. economy!

Soaring debt is never a good thing. But when the economy slows, it will be terminal to many — including some companies you thought would go on forever.

And it’s already happening — one by one, their sources of borrowed cash are drying up...

Right now, I count 157 major, publicly-traded companies that are already dangerously close to bankruptcy. Every single one has more debt than assets.

All told, these bloated, dying companies have only $22.2 billion in assets, but $35.1 billion in debts, leaving them $12.9 billion in the hole.

This means that even if they could sell off every single asset on their books... and even if they could get 100% of book value for them in the fire sale... they’d STILL have $12.9 billion in unpaid debts left over!

Plus, I count another 652 companies that are bleeding so much red ink that they will have a hard time surviving beyond the next 12 months.

I’m not talking about small, obscure companies here:
  • Xerox is drowning in $23.8 billion in debt, with little more than $2.5 billion in fixed assets to secure it; worse, its income is well short of the interest expense needed to service the debt.

  • Del Monte...Coca-Cola...Trump Hotels & Casinos...Ford...JC Penney...and Campbell Soup are submerging under the weight of their own debt as well.

  • At Time Warner, for every dollar of shareholder equity, the company owes $2.80 to creditors. And at GE, the situation is much worse — $6.88 in debt for every dollar of shareholder equity.
I believe every single one of these companies — and a hundred more I’ll tell you about in your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002 — is a candidate for bankruptcy.

And even these are just the tip of the iceberg. Right now, banks across the country are sitting on $1.08 trillion in commercial and industrial loans. And many of them have already started going bad.

This is just the beginning of a debt avalanche that will hammer almost every major corporation in America in the months ahead.

The good news is, every time
one of these companies takes a hit,
you can make money!

We’re doing it right now — and believe me: You don’t have to wait long to take your profits!

Just recently, Red Hat covered us with 128.6% profits in just 8 days...Verisign and Exodus more than doubled our money in just 5 days...and I2 Technologies made us 71.4% richer in just 2 days!

With quick profits like these, you can see why it is absolutely imperative that you send for your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, right away!

Crash Trigger #6:

Massive corporate loan
defaults already have U.S. banks up to
their necks in financial quicksand!

There are two, venerable old truisms in the banking industry that perfectly describe the perilous situation U.S. banks now face:

Truism #1: “The worst loans are made in the best of times.” The U.S. economy was on hyperdrive from 1992 to 2000. And sure enough, there was an epidemic of horrible loans made during that period. Now, as the economy crumbles, these loans are going bad — and are making the bankers that accepted them look like bungling idiots... or worse.

Truism #2: “Owe the bank $100 and you’re in trouble. Owe the bank $100 million, and the bank is in trouble!” Once a bank has loaned hundreds of millions to a business, the bank simply can’t afford to let that business fail. That would force the bank to admit the loan is unrecoverable... write if off... and show a huge loss.

Case in point: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. loaned steelmaker LTV Corp $600 million over the past few years. But times have been tough for the company, LTV was filing for bankruptcy — AND asking the bank to loan it ANOTHER $225 MILLION!

Care to guess what the bank did? I’ll tell you: It gave LTV the financing deal — despite the fact that the company was going under! But it’s a patch-up job. Soon, most companies like these will go under anyhow, and the banks will suffer even larger loses.

Things are no better over at Bank of America. B of A’s nonperforming loans totaled $5.6 billion in the first quarter 2001, up nearly 41% from a year earlier. Ouch!

So far, at least eight companies for which B of A has arranged and underwritten leveraged loans have filed for bankruptcy. Many more are on the brink. A recent review of the $80 billion in leveraged loans underwritten by B of A found that 15 leveraged deals totaling $4.5 billion now pose a credit risk to B of A and other big banks that are carrying a portion of those loans in their portfolios.

We’re not talking small loans to small companies here. Sunbeam recently defaulted on $1.7 billion of loans to First Union, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. And Xerox owes J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. $750 million that is likely to go into default.

The news for banks
goes from bad to worse...

The banking crisis of 2001 has already begun. You can see it in their earnings reports and dividends. Within six months, almost every major bank in the U.S. will have slashed or completely eliminated its dividends.

In your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, I show you which banks and S&Ls are in the worst shape — and which are safe havens for your cash.

What’s more, I give you a simple strategy you can use to earn profits of 300%... 500%... 1,000% or more, simply by knowing which banks are in the greatest danger and using a handful of obscure, little-used investments to earn $100 for every $1 drop in these banks’ shares!

In March 2000, for example, we used financial index investments to pocket profits of 260.3% and 219.4% — in a single month!

ORDER NOW! Crash Trigger #7:

Junk bonds are already cratering.
Soon, even higher-rated corporate bonds
will be SMASHED to smithereens!

Moody’s is predicting that the corporate default rate will jump a staggering 58% over last September’s figures. If these numbers are to be believed, many corporate bonds aren’t even worth the paper they’re printed on!

More bad news: The Yield Gap — the difference in yield between lower quality junk bonds and U.S. Treasuries (the highest-quality bonds in the world) nearly doubled last year to a whopping 1,047 basis points (10.47%), and it’s expected to widen even further in 2002.

The Yield Gap only widens that much for one reason: Investors are refusing to pay much for the bonds because they’re afraid these companies can’t pay them back!

...And when investors are that wary of a corporation’s bonds, it’s a telltale sign the company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

For bond investors, this is like adding insult to injury. They’ve been badly beaten over the past 36 months. Moody’s estimates that investors who put $10,000 into an average junk bond fund three years ago now have only $7,500 left!

Now, it looks like bond investors are in for the thrashing of their lives. And many know it’s coming. Last year, they yanked more than $8.2 billion out of junk bond funds — the worst outflow of funds recorded in the past 10 years, rivaling the junk bond crisis of 1990.

Very few people are talking about this. And no one is showing you how to actually profit from this megatrend. I have devised a strategy for doing just that.

In your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, I show you why this alarming trend will continue well into 2002...and give you my strategy to transform this trend into a huge money-maker for you.

Plus, I show you which bonds are the most vulnerable and when to pick up great bonds at huge discounts. If you time your investments as I tell you to, you could lock in huge, double-digit yields with safety.

There will be great interest rate plays ahead too — thanks to the coming bond crisis. And boy, do we have experience with those!

Last year, for example, we made no less than 14 trades in bonds and interest rate instruments with profits of 107%... 118%... 207%... 225%... 290%... and more!

In fact, our worst investment in this area netted us a 63% profit in just 19 days — and our average gain for all 14 investments was an astounding 139%, with an average holding period of only 23.5 days.

I’ll show you how to do it — in your FREE copy of THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002.

...Navigate the next 24 months without

HAH! I’d rather try driving my wife’s BMW in rush hour — BLIND-FOLDED!

Simply put, QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002 is like reading next week’s, next month’s and next year’s financial headlines today.

You’ll also discover...
  • Why OIL PRICES are destined to double: In secret meetings late last year, two of America’s deadliest enemies set a monstrous new oil crisis in motion. And because of America’s severe energy shortages, the next oil catastrophe is sure to be far more severe than anything we saw in the 1970s.

  • Why vast areas of the U.S. are about to go DARK: California is not alone. From coast to coast, demand for electricity is soaring while new generating stations are years away.

    But a doubling in your electricity bill is only the least troublesome consequence: This crisis guarantees the coming money panic will be deeper than just about anyone imagines!

  • Why REAL ESTATE is riding for a major crash: The economy is unwinding rapidly... demand for real estate is plummeting... and yet new buildings are still being thrown up at the rate of more than 500,000 per month. This is one bubble that is about to burst — big time!

  • And much more!

Quick, easy ways to
insulate your money and profit

No doubt about it: Just preserving your wealth — let alone building wealth — is going to be much, much trickier in the months ahead.

Mark my words: If you continue investing like you did in 1992-2000, you’re asking... begging... pleading to get the shirt ripped and torn off your back!

Just look at all the great money-making opportunities you get in your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002:
  • 20%-plus profits from the bond market crisis — without even touching a bond! I give you my proprietary strategy for profiting from a sharp decline in the bond market — BUT with limited risk!

    That’s right. It’s not futures or even options. Nor is this some fancy Wall Street strategy reserved for institutions and floor traders. It’s a simple, beautiful way to profit from a bond crisis — and anyone can take advantage of it!

    I expect you can make 20% or more this year with this simple strategy. Later, when the bond crisis subsides, I’ll even show you how to reverse the strategy and pick up another 20% or so in gains — all from the comfort of your home and with limited risk!

  • Triple your money in 2001-2002 from the looming banking crisis: Three famous banks are candidates for collapse in the coming money panic. There are hundreds of other banks whose financial conditions will be seriously weakened this year. As a special bonus in this report, I’ll give you the 10 weakest banks in each of the 50 states, so you can steer clear of them.

    Plus, I introduce you to a unique, virtually unknown investment that will triple your money as each of these banks hits bottom!

  • Mega profits from the bursting real estate bubble. In THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, I give you not one, but TWO novel strategies that will let you pile up more money in the real estate meltdown than you thought possible.

  • Pile up as much as 200% profits from the doubling of oil prices: These companies are not your typical big name oil and gas producers. Why? Because most big producers will not do well, even with rising oil prices.

    They’ve already sold their inventory forward in the futures market. So, when prices rise, they make money on their inventory but loose money on their hedges. Earnings go nowhere!

    The companies I’ll introduce you to never — I repeat NEVER — engage in forward selling. That means they — and YOU — will participate fully in rising prices for oil and gas. Buy them on our signals in 2001 for a quick double or even a TRIPLE!

  • An easy double from rising electricity prices, blackouts, and brownouts: You’re not going to make any money buying utilities in 2001. Many of the largest utility companies in the country are in trouble. The near bankruptcy of PG&E in California is just the beginning.

    But I have three outstanding companies in alternative energy that you should own. Each one of them is a leader in their respective niche in alternative energy, and each of them is an easy double in 2001.

    One of them has a virtual monopoly in fuel cell technology; another dominates hydroelectric technology; and the third is light years ahead of the competition in a little-known technology that will revolutionize the fossil fuel market.

    An easy double and, unless I miss my guess, a TRIPLE!

  • Profits from the worst recession in recent memory. Most people hunker down and hide money under a mattress when they hear the big "R" word. But there are loads of profit opportunities when a recession hits. And I have three for you:

    • A little-known public company that will thrive as personal and corporate bankruptcies surge. Buy its shares now, and you’ll double your money in 2001!

    • A well-known public company to short whose share price is ready to crash back to Earth. This construction company has been pulling in the bucks as homes and buildings sprouted up all over the country during the bull market.
      But in a recession, this company’s share price is going to get creamed. Short it now and you could see high-double-digit gains in a short period of time.

    • It’s a slam-dunk that the U.S. dollar will plunge as recession drags our economy into the gutter. To protect the purchasing power of your money and profit from a decline in the dollar, this mutual fund is a must.

    I’ll give you all the details on this little-known fund that’s perfect for this environment. There’s no sales commission to get in it, it’s listed on the exchanges, and it’s the best way I know of to make money from a falling dollar.

  • And much, much more!

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