Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D

Dear Investor,

    Paybacks, as they say, are hell. And beginning on February 15, Wall Street fat cats are going to get a taste of their own private hell -- IN SPADES!
    You know who I'm talking about:

  • Corporate execs who lie through their teeth about earnings ...

  • Analysts who swear stocks are headed higher so they can earn even fatter fees from the companies they recommend ...

  • Brokers who tell you to buy absolute JUNK they desperately need to sell ...
    Until now, their dirty little tricks were known only to insiders -- and to anyone fortunate enough to have found Safe Money. NOT ANYMORE!

    On February 15, thousands of copies of my all-new, full-length, hardcover book will be delivered to bookstores from coast to coast. And believe me: The investment world's crooks and con men are going to be squealing like a bunch of slaughterhouse pigs!

    THE ULTIMATE SAFE MONEY GUIDE (published by Wiley & Sons) is the world's FIRST and ONLY comprehensive expose' of Wall Street's sleaziest practices -- PLUS ...
  • The complete point-by-point refutation of the establishment's claims that stocks will recover in 2002 -- PLUS ...
  • The whole, extensive arsenal of investment vehicles and strategies that will not only preserve your wealth, but multiply it in the months ahead!

Never before has all this wealth of
information appeared in one place:
304 pages of pure, packaged dynamite!

    Make no mistake: The denizens of Wall Street do NOT want ANYONE to even suspect THE ULTIMATE SAFE MONEY GUIDE exists -- let alone READ it!

    Their only hope is that this hard-hitting volume will be hidden away on the bookstore shelves nobody ever looks at.

    I need you to help me make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that will NOT happen!
    Here's what I need you to do:

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Just do this, and four important
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    So what do you say? Will you help me restore some semblance of honesty on Wall Street?

    Let's strike a blow for investors everywhere: Get online now!


Martin D. Weiss
Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

P.S. Amazon has posted an earlier version of the cover. But don't let that bother you. It's the same book. And you're gonna absolutely love reading it. Even before it went to press, the typesetter called ecstatically to say he had read every word and was acting on my advice immediately.

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