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Weiss Ratings Evaluates the financial strength of more than 16,000 institutions, including insurance companies, banks, and brokerage firms. The website publishes free lists of the WEAKEST financial institutions in America.
Weiss Money Management A registered investment advisory firm managing assets of private individuals, pension plans, trust accounts, institutions and investment companies.
The Weiss School A unique program for gifted children in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade designed to help each child develop the ability to communicate, to assimilate and apply new knowledge, to create ideas, and to reason.
GAO - U.S. General Accounting Office The accounting/investigative arm of the U.S. Congress. The website has unbiased, usually hard-hitting, fact-filled investigative reports of controversial subjects such as derivatives, the public debt, and even an in-depth comparison of Weiss's own ratings track record as compared to those of Wall Street rating agencies. This last report can also be read online at the Weiss Ratings site.
Bureau of Labor Statistics The BLS has good reliable data, research, most requested series of economic information, publication and research papers on employment as well as other economic data.
STAT-USA Good economic info including press releases, general economic indicators, housing and construction, employment, etc.
The Department of Commerce Information about business and trade, economic statistics, science and technology and other services related to commerce.
Federal Reserve Releases the Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States on a quarterly basis.
FedWorld Offers a comprehensive central access point for searching, locating, ordering and acquiring government and business information. Has three search engines but can be quite challenging to find something specific.
Treasury Department Links to all the bureaus and depts that are under the Treasury's supervision including the Office of Domestic Finance, Office of Economic Policy, Office of International Affairs among others. Also connected directly with the Comptroller of the Currency, and The Bureau of Public Debt.
Federal Reserve Board of Governors Has great economic information including FOMC details, testimony and speeches, press releases, domestic and international research, regulation and supervision, consumer info and reports to Congress. One can find interest rates here back to 1950's plus an array of other economic historical data.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Has good historical economic and monetary info which can be downloaded and updated frequently including zip files and an exe file. This is good for people who want to keep their own database of economic information.
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency Look for their FACT book on intelligence which has encyclopedic info on foreign countries.
BIS - Bank of International Settlements International banking statistics
IMF - International Monetary Fund Best international statistics and research
OECD - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Good international info.
SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission Oversight agency on equity markets.
NASDR Nasdaq Regulation Agency posts all enforcement actions relating to companies traded on the Nasdaq
Securities Industry Association General information about securities, regulation, etc. Treasury securities, U.S. debt. Weiss Money Management is a member of the SIA.
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Oversight agency on futures markets.
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Part of the Treasury Department, OCC has information about banking, regulation, legislation, oversight and enforcement actions related to currency. It also has info on derivatives with figures, facts, charts, etc.
Federal Trade Commission Agency protecting consumers against deceptive commerce practices.
Investment Company Institute Good info on mutual funds, including stock and bond funds activity and retirement issues. It also has an email service with updates on latest info on their site. Wall Street often quotes their figures as the standard.
Treasury Direct You can buy T-bills directly from the Treasury Department, or through your broker.
Alliance Treasury Reserves Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-247-4154
American Century Capital Preservation Fund Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-345-2021
American Performance US Treas Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-762-7085
Dreyfus 100% U.S. Treasury Fund Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-645-6561
Dreyfus MM Instr/Govt Secs Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-645-6561
Dreyfus US Treas Reserves/ Cl R Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-645-6561
Evergreen Treasury MMF/Cl A Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-343-2898
Fidelity Spartan U.S. Treasury Fund Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-544-8888
Gabelli US Treasury MMF Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-937-8909
HighMark 100% US Treasurvy MMF/Retail Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-433-6884
Huntington US Treas MMF/Trust Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-253-0412
One Group US Treas Secs MMF/Cl A Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-480-4111
Regions Treasury MMF/Cl A/Trust Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-433-2829
Reserve Fund/Government Fund Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-637-1700
Scudder US Treas MF/Cl S Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-728-3337
T. Rowe Price US Treasury MF Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-638-5660
U.S. Treasury Securities Cash Fund Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-873-8637
Vanguard Treasury MMF Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-662-7447
Weiss Treasury Only Money Fund Click or call for a prospectus, phone# 800-289-8100
Rydex Funds Manages reverse index mutual funds that are designed to perform well when the market goes down.
Prudent Bear Funds Bearish mutual funds plus links to all the news articles with a bearish perspective
Comstock Partners a daily comment about the stock market and economy
The Daily Reckoning A skeptical overview of the stock market and economy
Fiend's Super Bear Links to articles written by well-known bears
American Century Brokerage phone# 888-345-2071
Dillon Gage phone# 800-375-4653
Rare Coins of New Hampshire phone# 800-225-7264
FideliTrade phone# 800-223-1080
Chicago Board of Options Exchange Get quotes on options on the DJIA, S&P;, OEX, Russell 2000 and other instruments. Plus information on how options work, option's strategies, options calculator and software.
Dow Jones Info on the various Dow Indexes
American Stock Exchange The U.S.' second largest floor-based exchange with a significant presence in common stocks, index shares and equity derivative securities.
Chicago Board of Trade The world’s oldest derivatives (futures and futures-options) exchange. The exchange has more than 3,600 members trading 48 different futures and options products.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange U.S. financial exchange which trades futures and options contracts include currencies, interest rates, stock indexes and agricultural commodities.
NASDAQ The world's first electronic stock market. The exchange is most well-known for its technology company members.
New York Stock Exchange The largest equities marketplace in the world. The NYSE is home to about 3,000 companies including a cross-section of leading U.S. companies, midsize and small capitalization companies.
Philadelphia Stock Exchange The PHLX trades more than 2,300 stocks, 780 equity options, 10 index options, and 100 currency pairs. The exchange includes such indices as PHLX's Oil Service Sector (OSX) Index Option, the PHLX's Gold/Silver Sector (XAU), Semiconductor Sector (SOX), KBW Bank Sector (BKX), and Utility Sector (UTY).
Select-Sector SPDRS Benchmark sector-based equity portfolios of companies in the S&P; 500
Canadian Venture Exchange CDNX listed companies are active in the mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, technology, financial services and other sectors.
Toronto Stock Exchange Canada's premier market for senior equities, accounting for approximately 95% of all equity trading in Canada.
Zacks Company earnings news as well as stock quotes and charts.
Delisted NASDAQ Companies List of companies delisted by Nasdaq each day Company earnings news
Yahoo! Finance Look up individual stocks has a good snapshot and profile of equities as well as their financials
Market Guide Good news stories for individual companies
Smart Money Market news, stock watch and new stories
Barron’s Online Financial new articles and commentary
CNBC Up-to-the-minute market news
Business Week Financial and global news articles Subscription required for this site with loads of historical information on the market
The Dismal Scientist Academic discussions of current events -- neither bear nor bull

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