SMR Personal Feedback Questionnaire

1. Where do you think the Dow will be at year’s end?

2. What will you be more concerned with during the next 12 months, “capital preservation” or “profit potential”?

3. Which market sector do you feel holds the most promise over the next 12 months?

4. How concerned are you about runaway government deficits?

5. How concerned are you about a shrinking U.S. dollar?

6. How concerned are you about the threat of more war and terrorist attacks?

7. How concerned are you about the Fed cutting interest rates again?

8. How concerned are you about chronic unemployment?

9. How concerned are you about the weaknesses in our Social Security and Pension programs?

10. What do you consider your TOP financial or investment WORRY for the next 12 months?

11. In the near future we plan to produce special reports on four specific topics. Which one interests you the most:

That’s it!

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Good luck and thanks again.