MARTIN D. WEISS, Ph.D., who warned of last year's Nasdaq crash 2 1/2 months in advance and helped his clients more than QUADRUPLE THEIR MONEY while the techs wrecked, answers your most pressing investment question now:

"Is The Crash Over?"


The Recent $5 trillion Nasdaq bloodletting makes yet ANOTHER vicious slaughter of U.S. stocks and equity funds inevitable for 2001!

Here's what your broker won't tell you: Why the S&P 500 MUST crater 60% ... the Dow MUST sink to 5000 or less ... and the Nasdaq MUST be SMASHED to below 800!

also: What you must do immediately - BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15, 2001 - to preserve your wealth... and your introduction to the often overlooked investments that will make you more money in the next 2 years than you earned in the last 10!

Dear Fellow Investor:

No matter what anyone tells you; you can NOT erase more than $5 trillion of invested wealth ... make mincemeat of the nest eggs of millions of Americans ... and demolish the great "wealth effect" that has driven this economy for a decade ... without doing extreme, irreparable damage to the economy!

Mark my words: If you own stocks or equity funds in 2001 - 2002, you're going to get clobbered!

... But if you take a few simple precautions now, you can you USE this crisis to actually pile up more money in the next two years than you did in the last 10!

Here's proof ...

In a single day right before Christmas 2000,
subscribers to my premium service took 132% profits ... 145% profits ...
175% profits ... and 207% profits on 4 different trades:

Those profits came in as little as 2 weeks, with put options on the Nasdaq-100 -- investments that surge in value as the Nasdaq falls.

Just before that, subscribers picked up an incredible 929% profit -- this time with put options on a technology index. Every $10,000 you'd have sunk into those options would have grown into as much as $102,900.

... And we earned those profits in just the early days of this crisis - our profits are about to surge by an order of magnitude - and I want you to join us!

That's why -- with your permission -- I also want to send you a copy of my special report: QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002.

In it, I show you why ...

The Nasdaq MUST Crash ANOTHER 83%!

After being crushed by more than 60%, you'd think the Nasdaq would finally be back down to a reasonable level. Not so!

When you buy an average Nasdaq stock, you still have to pay 131 times its earnings! That means that you'd have to wait 131 years -- until the year 2132 -- before it earns back its share price.

What will have to happen to get back to 23 times earnings -- the norm just a few years ago? The answer is hard to believe, but absolutely true: The Nasdaq will have to plunge ANOTHER 83% from CURRENT levels. That means if you invest $100 in the Nasdaq today, you will wind up with a meager $17 before it touches rock bottom!!

Plus, in your FREE copy of QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, I show you why ...

Your Blue Chips Will Lose AT LEAST 31% Of Their Value!

In the past 100 years, the average valuation for blue chips has been around 14 times earnings. To get back there, the Dow will have to fall ANOTHER 31% and the S&P; 500 will have to plummet AN ADDITIONAL 44%!

And that assumes no declines in earnings. If earnings continue plunging, as I suspect they will, the next decline in the Dow could be 62%, and in the S&P 500, close to 88%!

Even the strongest companies in America -- stocks you thought could NEVER get trashed -- will have to fall dramatically before any semblance of normalcy can be restored ...
  • Your GE stock will have to drop at least 40 percent ...
  • Your CISCO stock will have to tank at least another 30 percent ...
  • Your EXXON MOBIL stock will have to dive at least 40 percent ...
  • Your PFIZER stock will have to slide at least 30 percent ...
  • Your MICROSOFT stock will have to lose at least another 50 percent of its current value, and ...
  • Every equity fund you own will have to crash by anywhere from 30% (conservatively managed funds) to 80% or more (if they're still loaded with "emerging growth" stocks or tech stocks).

President Bush and Fed Chief Greenspan would LOVE to come to the rescue
- but they CAN'T!

Alan Greenspan's interest rate cuts can't even BEGIN to stop the coming crash - and he knows it!

Every Fed Chairman in history tried to prevent past recessions by lowering interest rates; and every one of them failed miserably.

Before and during the Great Depression, the Fed lowered interest rates eight times. Did that stop the Depression? Of course not.

Before and during the recession of 1973-75, the Fed lowered interest rates six times. That didn't stop the economy from plunging either.

Ditto in 1945, 1953, 1970, and 1990.

President Bush can't save your stocks either. At best, his tax cuts will put only $1.7 trillion into the economy - over TEN LONG YEARS. That's only about ONE THIRD as much money as the stock market has obliterated in the last 12 months!

In my book, QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, I'll prove it to you and show you how to turn the crisis to your great advantage. I also show you how ...

Pathetically weak earnings reports will continue to hammer nearly every major US corporation - and we'll profit handsomely from their decline!

Earnings season has become a hellish nightmare for America's CEOs ...
  • Microsoft has warned -- for the first time in more than a decade -- that quarterly earnings will be terrible.
  • Union Pacific Railroad has suddenly laid off 20,000 employees. Not one or two thousand -- but TWENTY thousand.
  • General Motors is laying off 15,000 workers and closing its Oldsmobile division.
  • Montgomery Ward has gone belly-up: Ending 128 years of retailing history by closing its 250 stores. ALL of its 37,000 employees will be out of a job -- on the streets.
These big names have already taken hits, and the Great Money Panic has barely started! Soon, one big company after another will follow Montgomery Ward into bankruptcy.

I can't get into all the details in this short report, but in your FREE copy of my book, QUADRUPLE YOUR WEALTH IN THE GREAT MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002, I document four major and inevitable consequences declining earnings will have on your job or business and your investments in the months ahead -- plus, how this advance knowledge can help you pile up an absolute fortune in 2001!

MONEY PANIC OF 2001-2002
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Yours for Safer, More Profitable Investing,

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

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