Martin has been giving a unique combination of financial ratings, stock selections, and investment advice for over 30 years.

The Safe Money Report investor service is organized into various sections to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need:

Feature Article — Martin focuses on the most significant current events or trends that are the windows to the future. He shares his thoughts, reasoning and advice. He tells you what he thinks is going to happen and what to do about it — with no punches pulled.

Specific Investment Portfolios — YOU CHOOSE the portfolio that best suits your specific investment needs!

Weiss Early Warning System — Martin will help you anticipate — and profit from — major market movements with monthly updates of the Weiss Early Warning System: Each month — and more often when necessary — Martin gives you clear advice on when and how the next market decline will strike.

Weiss Windfall Strategy — This stretegy shows you how to make windfall profits from a major stock decline � with limited risk. It has earned Martin's subscribers windfall profits even in major stock market declines.

Weiss Risk Ratings — Martin will help you cut your losses and boost your profits with updated Weiss Risk Ratings for your stocks and mutual funds. With these exclusive ratings, you�ll ALWAYS know which stocks and funds are the riskiest.

Martin gives clear "buy," "hold" and "sell" advice for every investment in "Mr. Conservative Portfolio, "Weiss Gold Portfolio, "Mr. Speculator Portfolio," and "The Weiss Crash Protection Portfolio" in every issue of the Safe Money Report investor service.

That means, YOU CHOOSE the portfolio that best suits your specific investment needs.


Conservative Portfolio
In 2000, this portfolio for conservative investors made 5.9%. In 2001, it did 10.1%. And in 2002, it produced a 12.6% return.

Speculative Portfolio
For Martin's more aggressive subscribers, he recommended positions that could achieve solid portfolio growth in any market.

Weiss Gold Picks
For subscribers who only had eyes for gold, Safe Money advised them to invest in companies that were well-positioned to perform when gold prices were on the move.

Weiss Crash Protection Portfolio
The more the market fell, the more subscribers invested in this portfolio were positioned to make. Subscribers who invested in a combination of specific LEAPS put options and a zero-coupon bond fund could have reaped profits up to 128.7%!

[The above indicates potential performance from January 2001 - December 2002 if subscribers had followed Martin's advice and had executed trades at the close of business on the third calendar day from the mail date of Safe Money. The performance calculations do not account for transaction costs. Actual performance will vary from subscriber to subscriber. Subscribers may lose money when following Martin's recommendations. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.]

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