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In this independent study, The Hulbert Financial Digest tracks and rates 160-plus investment newsletters and found Safe Money Report to have the highest average return of +29.3%! As reported in March 2003.

Dear Investor,

     A major market decline is just around the corner and the government's stimulus attempts are powerless to stop it. More corporate bankruptcies and bogus earnings forecasts are inevitable. We are staring straight down the barrel of Dow 5,000 and NASDAQ 800! Don't let periodic rallies suck you in to the market, setting you and your savings up for an ambush.

     I've been screaming this since the crash began in 2000. And those that did not heed my advice learned a very expensive lesson. Don't make the same mistake!

     Let me pinpoint for you exactly what's going on and what you must do to protect, even build, your wealth. Let me show you the same simple, yet very powerful money-making tactics my current subscribers are using to gain huge profits in their portfolios!
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  • What's really ahead for U.S. stocks in 2003-2004
  • What you should continue to hold and when to get out
  • The 100 weakest stocks in America
  • How to pile up profits in the next 24 months with strictly limited risk
  • What Wall Street and Washington don't want you to know
  • Proof that major bankruptcies are on the way
  • And many more valuable tools and insights to help you insulate your wealth and Get Rich When Stocks Crash

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The proof is in the profits ...

     From January 2001 through December 2002 -- smack in the middle of the worst decline in more than 70 years -- my subscribers were raking in the dough by following my very specific approaches...

  • Conservative Portfolio........................................................+22.7%
    [A mix of gold stocks, T-bills, short-dated Treasury Bonds and energy funds.]
  • Weiss Gold Portfolio............................................................+101%
    [Well-positioned gold mining stocks poised for explosive growth.]
  • Speculator Portfolio...........................................................+17.8%
    [A more aggressive blend of Index puts and reverse Index funds.]
  • Weiss Crash Protection Portfolio........................................+128.7%
    [A specific combo of LEAPS put options and zero-coupon bond funds.]

Look at everything you get for around a quarter a day ...

  • Easy to follow "Buy" and "Sell" signals: My value-based, wealth-building philosophy is simple: I recommend only the most fundamentally sound companies available — firms with low or no debt... a solid history of earnings growth... reliable price stability... great products in the pipeline... and sufficient R&D; budgets to guarantee success tomorrow.

  • The ultimate in safety: Expert advice on how to protect yourself from the sweeping changes now upon us, using the safest, highest yielding investments in the world today, with my regular "Mr. Conservative" column.

  • The ultimate in aggressive investments: High-leverage, limited-risk strategies to double and redouble your money in the "Mr. Speculator" column.

  • Timely stock and fund warnings from my proprietary Weiss Risk Ratings: My Safe Money Investor Service is the only advisory I know of that tracks the fundamental strength of 7,000 stocks and 9,500 mutual funds… so you can know precisely how safe — and how risky — your investments are.

  • The protection of my Weiss Early Warning System: The quickest way to know when the risk of a major stock market crash is nearing the breaking point. Thanks to the Weiss Early Warning System, we were able to forecast every major decline right on the money. You would have had plenty of time to get your money into safe-haven investments well in advance.

  • Urgent updates from my Weiss Crash Protection Strategy: Most investors sit by idly when the market is in a free-fall. Not my subscribers. In fact, the more the market falls, the more money they make. And when the economy is ready to recover, they will be among the first to buy the best companies in America.

  • Unlimited FREE access to my Safe Money Website: Read the latest issue of Safe Money Report days before it arrives in the mail. Check out all the latest Weiss Risk Ratings on your stocks and mutual funds.

  • My Safe Money Flash Alerts via e-mail or first-class mail (your choice): Several times each year, I spot a special financial opportunity (or danger) that you need to know about BEFORE the next issue of Safe Money Report. When that happens, I'll rush you a special Flash Alert by e-mail or first-class mail (your choice).

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Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
Editor, Safe Money Report

[The results listed above indicate potential performance if subscribers had followed our advice and had executed trades at the close of business on the third calendar day from the mail date of the Safe Money Report. The performance calculations do not account for transaction costs and do not reflect allocation recommendations. Actual performance will vary from subscriber to subscriber. Subscribers may lose money when following our recommendations. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.]